2019: New year, new meeting location!

East Fort Worth Business Association has grown, and we have outgrown our previous meeting location. We had to move to a larger venue to accomodate our meetings and provide ample parking. The January 2019 meeting saw the largest attendance ever, well over 80 members and guests, not counting the mayor's security and local TV news crews.

Meadowbrook United Methodist Church is our new 2019 meeting location, and each month, lunches will be catered by local restaurants. The January meeting was catered by our wonderful friends and eastside community partners, MEXICAN INN on Lancaster Ave.

Mayor Price was our honored guest for the first meeting of the new year. She announced her intent to run for another term as Mayor at our meeting.

Mayor Price opened her remarks by thanking EFWBA for being a force of good for east Fort Worth businesses and schools. She recognized Wanda Conlin as the "unelected mayor of East Fort Worth."

Price admitted that the east side has long been neglected by the City, which focused on new development areas. That is changing with new inner-city programs. Stop Six was the first to see new sidewalks, streetlights and more police officers, which has resulted in a 40% increase in new home permits for that area. Ash Crescent is the second area to see community improvement, and the near Northside will be the third area to get additional funds.


January 2019

Mayor Betsy Price

Betsy Price, a Fort Worth native, was elected in 2011 as the 44th mayor of the City of Fort Worth. In 2017, Price was re-elected for her fourth two-year term. She will be up for re-election this year.

Along with her focus on promoting jobs, strengthening education, fighting crime and improving mobility, Price has made significant strides along the path toward her vision of a healthy, engaged and fiscally responsible city.

Under her leadership, Fort Worth has become a foremost cycling community, adding miles of new bike lanes and trails. Promoting pedestrian-friendly urban villages has also remained a staple of Price’s vision for rebuilding the city’s urban core. Moreover, she continues to push her long-term goal of linking neighborhoods and job centers with a comprehensive and convenient commuter rail system.


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